Want a Backyard Farm? Turn to Craigslist
By Adnan Masood

Craigslist.org is home to lots of new and used things, including pets. Since my young days of living on a horse farm, I have always dreamed of getting out of this shoebox of an apartment and having a farm of my own. A girl can dream and then turn to Craigslist.org to help make that dream seem somewhat like a reality. I mean, did you know that you could easily start your own small farm (of course the actual property isn't included in this cost) for less than $500?

These farm animals were found on a Craigslist location page for a relatively small sized city; imagine the possibilities if you live in a larger area or use a Craigslist search tool to search multiple locations at once!

Roosters are an essential part of a farm. After all, who is going to wake your butt up at 5 am to feed all the animals? Some roosters are free, but most had an average selling price of $5 each.

Chickens, unlike roosters which are just good alarm clocks, can give you eggs. Not only do you get a farm animal, but fresh eggs or chicken meat. On average, hens cost around $8 each. Let say a dozen eggs cost $1.50. It would take about 72 eggs (6 dozen) to recoup your expenses. This is more than possible considering most breeds lay anywhere from 200 eggs a year. For that reason, consider your chickens to be free.

Pigs are another essential part of a farm. How much you can expect to pay will depend. If you want a nice fat pig, be prepared to pay around $100 or more. This is because the pig isn't being sold for a farm pet, but for butcher. If you are looking for a year's supply of pig meat and not a farm animal, this is your best option. If looking for a farm animal, go for a cheaper piglet which you can raise yourself (what you decide to do when he is all porked up is your decision). Piglets can be anywhere from free to usually around $25 each.

Goats are also farm staples, but they serve a good purpose; cheap lawn mowers. No joke, one of my neighbors uses this approach. There are about 10 goats in his yard, but I haven't seen him pushing a lawn mower in at least four years. So far, a goat will be one of your biggest expenses and you can likely spend between $75 and $100. Once again, think of the investment and not just the lawn mower either; you can milk some goats, breed them, or just get a nice barnyard pet for your kid.

Cows, well cows are expensive so just forget about them. Do you really want to walk around smelling like a pile of cow crap anyways? Opt for a goat instead (hey you can milk that too if you'd like).

If you had your heart set on a horse and can't afford the common $1,000 price tag, opt for a pony or a donkey instead. They are much cheaper and still a great barnyard companion to have around. The average selling price is around $200 each.

Unfortunately, farms attract mice. So, finish off your farm with a couple of cats. You won't have a mice problem or at least you won't notice it anymore. Luckily, these are regularly listed for sale on Craigslist for free.

So, let say $0 for cats, $0 for chickens, $100 for a goat, $200 for a donkey, $50 for pigs, and $5 for roosters. Basically, for $355 you can get yourself a small farm thanks to Craigslist.

Search multiple Craigslist categories and locations to start your own farm!

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