Easy Instructions to Build a Small Chicken Coop
By Mary E Ward

Raising chickens has a number of benefits, such as fresh eggs. However, raising chickens is more than free eggs and fresh meat. By raising your own chickens, you are ensuring your self-reliance. No matter what kind of turn the economy makes, you will be able to handle it. Best of all, raising chickens is a great way to teach your children responsibility, even at a young age. In addition, chickens also provide effective weed and pest control.

However, before you can net all those great benefits, there are a couple of essentials you have to prepare for. Even if your chickens are free range, you still have a coop to build. Small chicken coop or large, your hens still need a place where they can build their nests, lay their eggs and roost at night. In addition, small coops also allow your chickens to get out of the rain, wind and other elements.

To build a small chicken coop, you only need moderate skills. You can design your coop many different ways. In fact, it is possible to construct a small to medium-sized chicken house with nothing more than a sheet of tin, a few boards and some screws to hold it all together.

Materials to Build Small Chicken Coop

Here is a list of some supplies that you might need to build a small chicken coop:

Tape measure
Safety Glasses
Skill saw
Phillips-head screwdriver
Wood screws
Carbon blade
Rubber washers
(2) 1"x12"x4' boards
(1) 1"x3"x4' board
(5) 1"x12"x12" boards
(1) 8' sheet of tin

What to Do

Follow these simple steps to build your small chicken coop:

First, use your pencil and tape measure to mark each of your four-foot boards at twelve-inch intervals. Put one of your 12-inch boards underneath the outer edge of the four-foot board, creating a ninety-degree angle. Use your wood screws to secure the boards. Then, continue to attach the other 12-inch boards in the same manner. Now, turn your chicken coop over so that the solid board is facing down and attach the five twelve-inch boards to the other four-foot boards to complete the frame for the coop. Put the carbon blade in your skill saw and use it to cut the sheet of tin in half.

Attach one of the halves of tin to the back of the coop using the wood screws and rubber washers. Attach the remaining tin to the top of your small chicken coop. Finally, attach the last board to the bottom edge on the front side of your coop to help keep the bedding in where it should be. Even though you are just building a small chicken coop, it is important that you always wear your gloves and safety goggles, especially when you cut the tin and the wood.

Good chicken coops start with good design. For more information, small chicken coop plans, chicken raising information, and pictures to help you build a small chicken coop [http://buildsmallchickencoop.info/], peruse these plans for chicken coop [http://www.buildsmallchickencoops.com/] building.

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